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Samuel Bassett is an artist with boundless energy and enthusiasm. He has an integral and honest art language where he displays scattered images of his inner monologue, mapping a truly active mind, searching for the meaning of life.

Samuel Bassett was born in St Ives and he has recently returned. The town has been his family’s home since 1695. The artistic traditions of the town had an undoubted influence over him as a young boy, but his Grandfather, a fisherman by trade was also a keen painter, as was his other Grandfather in Newlyn. They supported him with encouragement and painting materials. Bassett now occupies a studio space at the prestigious Porthmeor studios; coincidently sitting above his Grandfather’s former net loft.

Bassett’s work is autobiographical, cataloguing the day to day of his life with honesty, humour and pathos. Providing an insight in to his fast paced mind, the mixed media works display enormous energy and experimentation. His paintings could be described as a ‘psychological cubism’, where the inner and the outer self reveal themselves and coalesce.

Some works also take influence from closer to home sources - specifically the artist Peter Lanyon, in particular his work ‘The Yellow Runner’ from 1946. Lanyon painted this having just returned home to St Ives. It is warm, energetic and joyful and Bassett felt an immediate connection. His most recent works imbue a celebratory connection to his home – the sea and landscape; as well his community and heritage.

Bassett has been a lecturer at Truro Penwith College since 2011 and also leads experimental drawing classes and artist workshops at The Exchange and Newlyn Art Gallery. Bassett founded LETH projects - a curatorial platform for emergent arts and he is a participant in the arts collective TAP and BUCCA Gallery, Newlyn. He has recently been elected as a member of the Newlyn Society of Artists and has exhibited at a number of well-known galleries in Cornwall and has been a part of a number of exhibitions in London and the Home Counties. His paintings and illustrations have been used in many different contexts including music album covers, artist led exhibitions and public art projects.